About Us

At Hillhurst School, we have both a School Council and a School Society.

Both Hillhurst School Council and Hillhurst Elementary School Society is ALL OF US – parents, teachers, staff, community. All parents or guardians of students at Hillhurst School are automatically part of Hillhurst School Council and Hillhurst Elementary School Society.

The School Council’s purpose is to advise the principal and the board respecting matters relating to the school. (more about the School Council)

The School Society objectives are:

a) To advance the education of students attending Hillhurst School by:

  • purchasing educational supplies and equipment to be used by the students and staff;
  • funding extracurricular activities and other programs to enhance the educational experience of students; and
  • funding and maintaining outdoor school facilities.

b) To carry out activities that are ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above purpose.

(more about the School Society)

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