Executive Council Positions

Read about the functions of each of our executive council positions below.

Chairperson (mandatory):

  • Liaise with the Principal on School Council business
  • Plan the School Council meeting’s agenda with the administration or Principal and/or their designate and facilitate the monthly meetings
  • Ensure that minutes of the meetings are taken and centrally filed within the central filing system (see below)
  • Report to the School board by September 30th each year providing a report summarizing the activities of school council as well as, a financial report outlining the monies that will be handled that year
  • Receive any initiatives from members and ensure that theh process for school council initiative is met (see process below)
  • Ensure that a central filing system (hard copy and electronic) is maintained at Hillhurst School to include the guiding principles of the council, Constitution and Bylaws of the School Council, Alberta Education’s School Council Handbook, the minutes of the School Council Meetings (must be kept for 7 years) as well as, information on the various portfolios
  • Ensure HCS’s Constitution and Bylaws including mission, vision and objectives are adhered to
  • Act as spokesperson for the School Council
  • Generally supervise the School Council
  • Provide orientation for any new members to the council including a copy of this document
  • School council recruitment
  • Manage the comment or suggestion box

Vice Chairperson (mandatory):

  • Assists the Chairperson with their responsibilities as determined by the Chairperson
  • Will assume the duties of the Chairperson in their absence

Treasurer (mandatory):

  • Shall be responsible for keeping records of all financial transactions of the school council
  • Present an account of the funds to the members
  • Prepare the accounts for auditing
  • Ensure that the council is adequately insured

Secretary (mandatory):

  • Responsible for documenting school council and executive meetings
  • Keeping and distributing accurate minutes and records
  • Ensure that all minutes are kept in a central filing system for 7 years (see central filing system below)
  • Ensure that all pertinent documents (hard copy and electronic) are kept in a central filing system
  • Maintain an accurate list of names and addresses of the school council members

Key Communicator:

The role of Key Communicators is to build and enhance a connection between parents/ school communities and Calgary ‘s public education system. Key Communicators liaise with school councils; enable more informed citizen input; and share information, ideas and concerns as part of a system-wide network of involved parents. Key Communicators are parents who are chosen to represent their school councils and serve as links between individual school councils and the school district. Linkages are important to share information, identify issues, and build collaborative relationships and mutual understanding in order to work towards successfully accomplishing Board of Trustees Ends.

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GATE Representative:

The GATE Representative has one or more GATE children at Hillhurst School and is therefore a member of the GATE Parent Association and can attend their meetings. The GATE representative on the school council will attend these meetings and stay current on all other GATE related matters and keep the school council informed on how it can best continue to help the GATE program and its students at Hillhurst school.

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Community Representative

The Community Representative is Hillhurst School Council’s representative in the Hillhurst community. The rep promotes fellowship and collaboration within the wider School Community so that all participants/members work together to enhance student learning and for the well-being and effectiveness of the School as a community.  The primary role is to maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the Hillhurst community (Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association, local shelters, Councillor etc.) & identify opportunities for Community Giving.

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