Make an Annual Donation

Our main fundraising activity for 2017-18 will once again be our Annual Cheque Writing Campaign.

Last year Hillhurst parents and local businesses generously contributed over $24,000 to The Nest Egg. Your donations supported STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) initiatives, the Makerspace, our in school Studio Artist, new Hibou t-Shirts for all Hillhurst students and, many other valuable program enrichment initiatives at Hillhurst.

This year funds raised from the Cheque Writing Campaign will again support a wide range of program enrichment initiatives supported by the Hillhurst School Society and directed by Hillhurst school administration.

What is a Cheque Writing Campaign?

A request to parents to make a single financial donation in lieu of multiple fundraising efforts.

Why a Cheque Writing Campaign?

  • Saves parents time and effort in their busy lives.
  • Ensures the school receives the entire amount raised rather than the portion typical of door-to-door sales and fundraisers.
  • Has an impact early in the school year to fund educational activities.
  • Dollars may be eligible for an employer-matching program.
  • Donations are eligible for a Charitable Giving Tax Credit. Discover the impact a charitable donation can have on your taxes. You can calculate how much you could save based on your donation, place of residence and taxable income on the CRA website
  • In Alberta, after the Charitable Giving Tax Credit, a contribution of $500 only costs you $300, a contribution of $1,000 only costs you $550 and, a contribution of $2,500 only costs you $1,300 (these figures do not include the additional federal tax credit that is available to those with income over $200,000. Information on this can be found on the CRA website).

Where will my Cheque Writing Campaign donation go?

Donations will support student enrichment programs for your children at Hillhurst School. Hillhurst kids need the generous help of Hillhurst families to ensure these enrichment programs are funded. Student enrichment program initiatives for 2017-18 include:

  • Math Residency: with Geri Loriway. Geri will work with Hillhurst staff and students on planning tasks that are enriching and engaging, modelling strategies and providing feed-back. Focus will be on: ensuring mathematics learning programs are active and rigorous; enhancing positive mathematics cultures in our school; building clarity and coherence in mathematics instruction and assessment practices; providing professional learning to enhance teacher confidence and skill. We will also purchase Math related curriculum resources and hands-on manipulatives for students.
  • Mathletics: an on-line Math Learning Space. Every student will have learning space within Mathletics and this tool can be used at both home and school.
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) – STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.
  • Field Study Opportunities: Trips to include visits to Ralph Klein Park, Fort Calgary, Calgary Zoo, City School.
  • Physical Education Residencies: Activities to include Alien-In Line Skating, African Drumming, and Netball.
  • Grandparent Reading – Program that partners seniors with children to read and/or play educational games.
  • Sports Day – Annual day to celebrate sport and fitness.

How do I donate to the Cheque Writing Campaign?

Please complete the Hillhurst School Donation Form (PDF )and return in your child’s agenda using the supplied envelope.

Payments may be made by cheque, cash, electronically via PayPal or through the United Way. United Way donations can be directed to the school by specifying society name Hillhurst (Elementary) Community School Society, address 1418 7 Avenue NW Calgary AB T2N 0Z2 and providing registered charity business number 82850 5503 RR0001.

Donations of $500 or more by individual and corporate donors distinguishes you as a Hillhurst Hibou Leader and will be recognized through the School Council website on a page dedicated to Hillhurst Hibou Leaders:


HIBOU HELPER $500 – $999

HIBOU HERO $1,000 – $2,499


Thank you for your participation. Your donations provide exceptional educational opportunities for the children of Hillhurst School.

Remember every donation counts. We guarantee our kids are worth it!

If you have any questions please contact Mark B or Darcy T at


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