Tree Donation Program

Evans CherryA seed of an idea was planted a few years ago – an idea of starting a tree donation program for Hillhurst School, when a new garden was started in the West Field. During the new playground construction, some existing trees got destroyed, and with the Centennial Celebration coming up, a group of volunteers quickly initiated a school grounds rejuvenation. This included many hands helping with weeding, mulching, and donating a perennial here, a perennial there.

At the same time, the tree donation idea was revived. As a result, five trees were bought and planted in time for our 100 year celebration, and the Hillhurst School Council & Society is now continuing this as an ongoing tree donation program.

The next time you are in the West playground, look for these trees, which were hand picked by the donating families for various personal reasons. Look for the Evans Cherry in honour of Evan, or Thunderchild Crabapple with its delightful pink blossoms. We now have a graceful Columnar Blue Spruce and an elegant Christina Norway Spruce, chosen for its scandinavian name. Two Mountain Pine stand strong for two lovely daughters.

Thank you to Jill B., Iris K. and Anne N. for donating the trees, thank you to Cara O., Dave W. and Kathy S. for organizing and planting.

Please contact the Hillhurst School Council & Society at to learn more about this program.

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