Current Organizers

For the school year 2018-19, our volunteer coordinators for the following school events/initiatives are listed below. If you would like to volunteer on a committee or for a special event, please contact the council at

Apparel: vacant

Bottle Drives: TBD

Career Day: Lesley S, Vacant

Casino: Barb O, Vacant

Cheque Campaign: Darcy T, Vacant

Communications/ website: Maria L, Vacant

Family Dances: Adrienne T, Jenny W

Fun Lunches: Terresa B, Dione C, Erica S

Grace Redevelopment Reps: Perry C, Hans W

Grandparent ReadingTerresa B, Shannon M

Grants: Vacant

Hibou T-shirts: Vacant

Society Return/Audit: Vacant

Sports Day: Shannon M, Vacant

Staff Appreciation: Roisin M, Barb O

Voice (community newsletter): Jenny S

Welcome Hut: TBD

Yearbook: Terresa B, Maria L, Tanya T

Thank you volunteer parents!

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