Hillhurst School’s most recent casino was June 27 and 28, 2016. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!

Hillhurst School volunteers at a Casino to raise funds every 1 ½ -2 years — and when the time comes, we really need your help! Over the 2 days, we need almost 40 volunteers and together, this raises over $65,000 for our school…that’s a huge help to our school whose budget from the CBE is only ~$20,000 a year! If you can’t work a shift, consider asking an aunt, uncle or grandparent.

Watch for the next casino in 2017-18.

What difference does it make? Why should I help out with the casino?

This is the biggest fund-raiser that our school participates in. The School Council / Society puts all of the proceeds towards the many, extra things that our students—from Kindergarten to Grade 6—get to take advantage of:

  • Classroom materials (science kits, resource material, music equipment etc)
  • Gym & recess gear (balls, skipping ropes & more) -Sports Day -School dances
  • Lego Robotics -Artist-in-Residence & drama programs -Craft Day
  • Library books and materials (we contribute $5000/yr to keep our library second-to-none)
  • Computer lab (have you seen the school’s desk-tops, lap-tops and the Smart Boards?)
  • The playground …and so much more! (your child’s teacher can tell you about what a difference this makes)

As for field trips—if your child has attended a few, or the bigger outings like Stampede School or City Hall School, you might not know that your school fees in September weren’t enough to cover this…Casino dollars did. Simply put, the impact is amazing.

But I’ve never helped with a Casino…it sounds a little intimidating!

We are not dealing cards or managing casino games…we are behind the counters managing the behind-the-scenes work.  You do not need experience in any way.  Ask anyone who’s helped out before and they’ll tell you…it’s not hard or scary!  The advisors who work with our school teach us everything you need to know, right there on the spot.

But aren’t there so many other parents out there who can help?

That’s probably what everyone is thinking…but we need you! If your child is in Kindergarten or in the early grades—you can help lay the foundation for a great education! If your child is in Grade 6 and this is your last year—leave a great legacy and help out like all the parents before you did!

We know our parents are busy–we’re in your shoes! In the past, we have welcomed the help of aunts, uncles and grand-parents who have stepped in for our busy parents…perhaps there’s someone like that in your family who would like to help out? The shifts are day-time or evening, approximately 8hrs long…if you can help with just one shift, you alone raise ~$2000!

Let’s do it for the kids…they’re worth it!!!

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