Fun Lunch

Take a break from making lunch by purchasing a fun lunch once a month for your student to enjoy. All students (grades 1-6) are invited to participate in this year’s Fun Lunch program, the last Thursday of each month. Please note: we will not be hosting a Fun Lunch in December this year.

This year we are offering Subway again as our monthly Fun Lunch vendor.

Why? Healthy choices, locally sourced from Kensington Subway, ease of service (sandwiches are made to order and labeled with each student’s name), and more menu variety.

What? Subway sandwiches (made to order) now offering Gluten free bread, Salad (GF option), or a limited number of Subway personal pizzas (only available with online ordering). Side items also available: Apple juice, Rice Krispy square, 100% fruit snack.  Subway’s prices are slightly higher than last year, but your student’s fun lunch item is still at or below Subway’s in-store price.

How does my student participate? Same as before, to order online please visit  Students must re-register with their new grade and room number for each new school year.  For those who cannot order online, hard copy order forms are available in the school office for cash payments or Fairy Lunch.  Please note:  the personal pizza option will not be available on paper order forms this year.

Fun Lunch dates for 2018/19:

  • TBD

***Each month the online order deadline is the Saturday before Fun Lunch, or the Friday at 12:30pm into the school office for cash orders.  This is a computer program deadline that cannot be overridden and unfortunately late orders cannot be processed in the system after Saturday.  Please ensure that you place your child’s Fun Lunch order before the deadline. Orders for any/all upcoming dates can be placed in advance.***

Volunteer! One parent volunteer is needed to serve each class each month. Get a chance to hang out with your student at lunch, and have a complimentary sandwich on us.  Please sign up at SignUp Genius for this or any upcoming Fun Lunch date. Choose a Fun Lunch date to volunteer at the school from 12:00-12:45pm.

Thanks for your support everyone, and thank you very much to all of the wonderful volunteers that make this school initiative possible!

Your Fun Lunch Committee,




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