GATE Representatives

All parents of children currently registered in GATE are considered members of the GATE Parent Association (GPA).

Each year, volunteer site representatives from Hillhurst School are appointed to facilitate communication between the GATE Parent Association (GPA) and Hillhurst parents. If you are interested in being a GATE Site Representative, please email

Who is the GATE Parent Association?

The GATE Parent Association (GPA) is a volunteer-run society of parents whose children attend the GATE Program in our CBE schools. We are comprised of parents from all GATE school sites and our overall mandate is to support this Special Education program, and ensure it is accessible to all students who require it. The Association is run by an elected Executive (2 yr term) and an appointed Board (1 yr term).

What is the GATE Site Representative’s role?

GATE Site Representatives are appointed one year term positions through the GATE Parent Association.

Each school housing the GATE Program is supported by Site-Representatives. Ideally, there is at least one or more Site Representatives for each school; it is also ideal for these representatives to be an official member of their site’s School Council or Parent Advisory Council, but this is subject to the procedures of their individual site. Their responsibilities primarily involve helping to act as liaison with regards to communications.

Duties include:

  • Helping to ensure that important information (Ex: news, events, business, concerns, etc) related to the GATE Program is relayed and shared between their school, and the GATE Parent Association Executive and Board
  • Helping to establish a communication link between the GATE Parent Association and their site’s Administration (Ex: principal, assistant principal) and GATE Program staff (Ex: Learning Leaders and teachers)
  • Ensuring the administration and GATE Program staff at their site is aware of funds offered by the GATE Parent Association, for the purchase of advanced resources, etc
  • Helping to participate in activities or other duties, as assigned

More information can be found on the GATE Parent Association website.

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