Giving Day

Hillhurst School has done a lot of giving in the last couple of years. Giving Day started in 2014 with the giving of second-hand gifts. In 2015 we focused on giving the gift of literacy. For 2016, we gave the best thing of all — ourselves!

The 2016  “Giving Good” Challenge started on November 1 and ran until November 30.

What we are learning through this experience is that giving in this way is a real challenge.  With so much going on in our daily lives, with work, school, sports, clubs and family time, when do we have time to give?

And HOW do we give?  It just feels so hard.

That’s why we’ve called it a challenge.  Because starting new habits and extending outside of our regular zone is not always easy to do.

The good news is, if we practice with small acts of giving each and every day, at home and at school,  it becomes part of our routine, and suddenly it is not so challenging any more.  This is when we find that reaching out to the community, volunteering, and taking on bigger actions of activism no longer seem so intimidating.

Thank you for your amazing support of Giving Day 2016.  And keep on giving!

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