Cheque Writing Campaign

Our main fundraising activity each school year is a cheque writing campaign. In recent years, Hillhurst parents and local businesses have generously supported the campaign, which raises a significant amount of funds to support initiatives such as technology upgrades and program enrichment, supported by the Hillhurst School Society and directed by Hillhurst school administration.

What is a Cheque Writing Campaign?

A request to parents to make a single financial donation in lieu of multiple fundraising efforts.

Cheque Writing Campaigns provide parents a way to make an annual financial donation to the school as an alternative to multiple, volunteer intensive fundraising efforts like bake sales, etc. Donations provide parents with valuable tax receipts and leverage dollars through employer and grant matching programs.

A team of dedicated volunteers made the cheque writing campaign a huge success each year.

Cheque writing campaign coordinators:

  • Keep up date with School Council fundraising initiatives and provide campaign updates to parents and Council
  • Work with Graphic Design Support to come up with posters, marketing material, etc.
  • Prepare and distribute Donation Package including letter to parents, donation form and return envelopes
  • Identify employer matching opportunities and assist parents with employer matching applications

Cheque writing campaign administrators:

  • Pick up donations at school and make deposits to general account
  • Track donations (PayPal, Cheques & Cash) and issue tax receipts to donors
  • Provide donation reports to Treasurer and Donation Package & Employer Matching leads

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